About Trainer Todd


Beginning this journey at fifteen years of age, I started competitive road cycling and crossed over into running. I have competed in numerous multi-sport and multi-day endurance events over the years. From a cat 4 rider to a sub 6 minute per mile runner, I have experienced success and failure along the way.

Most of this was based on desire, dedication, and determination as well as trial and error. I know what sacrifices it takes to reach individual fitness goals, and I began Over The Edge Fitness with this premise as a foundation.

I want you to achieve your personal fitness goals!!!

I have trained amateur athletes, doctors, lawyers, moms, youths, and the elderly. I specialize in running, cycling, and fat reduction. I will provide each client with the motivation and instructional exercise techniques as well sound bio mechanical movements. I can also provide nutritional counseling.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine — December 2005
  • CPR Adult, Child, Infant — December 2005
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist: NASM — April 2011
  • Performance Exercise Specialist: NASM — May 2008
  • Functional Training Specialist: Perform Better — February 2009
  • Run Coach: RRCA — April 2010
  • Nutrition Course Work: Chandler-Gilbert Community College — September 2004
  • Bachelor of Science Sociology: Oregon State University — August 1995